Execustaff HR's Training Center specializes in corporate leadership coaching for effective-on-the-job communications.

We offer leadership coaching to help train individuals, teams, and groups from the CEO/senior executive level to first-time supervisors. The skill sets below are a sampling of the variety and breadth of the leadership competencies offered. Our courses are tailored to your company and your schedule and can be online or onsite, depending on your needs.
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We are a PEO in California that helps improve HR services for small businesses. Our executive leadership coaching and training opportunities set your business up for success and apart from your competition. 
Sexual Harrassment Advice
Critical Feedback
Labor Commission Hearings
Conflict Resolution
Training and Education - icon
Creative Thinking Techniques
Check mark
Handling Diversity Issues
Wrongful Terminations
Sexual Harassment Prevention
Motivation Techniques
Unemployment claims - icon
Basic Skills for New Managers
Employee Handbook - icon
Dealing with Change
Human resource - icon
Working with Peers
Holiday schedule - icon-1
Empowering Others
Background check - icon
Dealing with Difficult People
Employee portal - icon
Listening for Leadership Excellence
Labor Law and Compliance - icon
Power Tools for Persuasion

Why should I outsource employee training?

Corporate leadership coaching services facilitate on-the-job learning and development for individuals and teams with different seniority levels and responsibilities. A PEO can help ensure your staff is adequately trained on various communication, management, and coaching skills to reach their full potential. 

Can Execustaff HR provide leadership coaching to my employees?

If you want influential leaders in your company who can help your business grow, Execustaff HR can provide leadership coaching for individual employees and teams from first-time supervisors to senior executives with more leadership responsibilities. Courses are available onsite and online and are tailored to your schedule and specific needs.

What core competencies do you offer through employee training?

At Execustaff, we specialize in coaching and training to develop various leadership skills, such as critical feedback and conflict resolution, management skills including motivation techniques and adapting to changing environments, and coaching skills ranging from empowering others to navigating challenging situations.


"As a small nonprofit founder, I need partners I can trust. Execustaff HR has provided us with flexible and affordable HR and payroll services. More importantly, Execustaff HR is a trusted partner when we need help or have questions. I would recommend Execustaff HR to anyone that is looking for HR and payroll services."
Luis R.
"I've been working with Execustaff HR for about 13 or 14 years now. Words really can't describe how happy I am with Execustaff HR. A company is really just its people, and this group of people, from the bottom to the top, have a truly astonishing level of integrity and compassion. Their level of responsiveness, and their attention to detail, and their level of cheerful support is off the charts. I never expected this from an HR company. When I first started with them I thought I was just price shopping for basic services. At this point, I can't imagine running my business without Execustaff HR."
Greg J.


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