Ensuring you have the right payroll service for your business can seem like an impossible task.

Execustaff HR wants to be your payroll service company, providing flexible and customizable payroll services in California, every day. 
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We are a PEO in California that helps improve HR for small businesses, giving you the ability to offer your employees a competitive and comprehensive payroll plan that includes the following...
Payroll Services:
Payroll schedule - icon
Customizable payroll schedule
Holiday schedule - icon
Customizable holiday schedule
Payroll reports - icon
Customized payroll reports
Administration of time off - icon
Management of all time off plans
Invoice - icon
Detailed, customized invoice
Expense reimbursement - icon
Expense reimbursement
Direct deposit - icon
Direct deposit
Medical expenses - icon
125 FSA Medical Expense and Dependent Care plans
Mailing W2s - icon
Processing and mailing W2s to your employees
Employer tax filings - icon
Completion of employer tax payments and filings
Employee portal - icon
Employee access to personal and payroll information


Can you scale as my business grows?

Many companies seek an all-in-one HR solution so they can spend more time scaling their business. With the right PEO, you can rest assured that your payroll is in good hands, eliminating the need for additional payroll providers, workers' comp and benefits brokers, and multiple vendors.

Can PEOs help track time?

One crucial element of effective payroll services is accurate time tracking capabilities. With a best-in-class PEO behind your payroll, you can benefit from advanced time tracking solutions that help maintain compliance with overtime regulations, labor laws, and other regulations.

Do PEOs manage compliance and tax payments?

To maintain compliance and avoid costly penalties and fines, it's necessary to make accurate, timely tax payments. Execustaff can manage all aspects of tax compliance, from employee W2 distributions to state, federal, and local regulations. PEOs operate under shared liability contracts, which keep them aware of, and invested in, all tax compliance requirements.


"As a small nonprofit founder, I need partners I can trust. Execustaff HR has provided us with flexible and affordable HR and payroll services. More importantly, Execustaff HR is a trusted partner when we need help or have questions. I would recommend Execustaff HR to anyone that is looking for HR and payroll services."
Luis R.
"I've been working with Execustaff HR for about 13 or 14 years now. Words really can't describe how happy I am with Execustaff HR. A company is really just its people, and this group of people, from the bottom to the top, have a truly astonishing level of integrity and compassion. Their level of responsiveness, and their attention to detail, and their level of cheerful support is off the charts. I never expected this from an HR company. When I first started with them I thought I was just price shopping for basic services. At this point, I can't imagine running my business without Execustaff HR."
Greg J.


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