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We understand that employers must work with numerous complex laws governing the employer-employee relationship that often emphasize protection of employee rights at the expense of the employer. We help clients plan their employee relations strategies in order to comply with labor regulations and the law in a cost-efficient, productive manner and to avoid potential liability.

Our clients seek our advice on some of the most sensitive employee relations issues such as employee terminations, drug and alcohol abuse, and sexual harassment. Execustaff HR emphasizes a preventative approach to any employment problem you may encounter.
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We are a PEO in California that helps improve HR for small businesses, giving you peace of mind when it comes to California State labor laws, labor law compliance, and labor regulations.
Sexual Harrassment Advice
Counseling on Employee Discipline and Termination
Investigations of Employee Conduct
Labor Commission Hearings
Labor Commission Hearings
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Sexual Harassment Advice
Unfair Labor Practices
Unfair Labor Practices
Wage Hour Advice
Wage Hour Advice
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Workforce Reductions
Wrongful Terminations
Wrongful Terminations
Company Compliance
Company Compliance Regulations by Company Size
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Federal and State Employer Tax Filings and Liability


What makes California's employment laws differ from other states?

California companies face strict guidelines and constantly changing regulations that can be difficult for small to mid-sized businesses to navigate. If your business doesn't have sufficient in-house HR capabilities, it's often best to outsource to professionals who are familiar with California's employment laws and stay up-to-date on the latest regulatory changes. 

What are some of the most common legal compliance issues I face as an employer?

Employers are required to maintain compliance with many federal, state, and local laws. Some common legal compliance issues could include noncompliance around various paycheck laws requiring specific items on each pay stub, minimum wage laws based on each state's requirements, minimum shift laws, paid sick leave, overtime laws, and laws regarding meal and break times. 

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Adjustment of Status
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Application for Labor Certification
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Application for NAFTA Professional (TN) Visa
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Application for Intra-Company Transferee or Temporary Work Visa


"As a small nonprofit founder, I need partners I can trust. Execustaff HR has provided us with flexible and affordable HR and payroll services. More importantly, Execustaff HR is a trusted partner when we need help or have questions. I would recommend Execustaff HR to anyone that is looking for HR and payroll services."
Luis R.
"Execustaff HR has been our trusted partner for over a decade - they've provided both exceptional expertise and professional services with a personal touch. Truly, the most valuable service we receive from them is peace of mind - knowing that all the components of payroll and HR are being handled correctly and in compliance with both state and federal law. We view Execustaff HR as an extended part of our team, and we're looking forward to our continuing relationship for years to come."


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