Ensuring you have the right human resource partner for your business can enable your key personnel to focus on growing your business.

Essentially, Execustaff HR becomes your human resource department. We are always available to provide you with answers when you need them the most. Execustaff HR will help relieve your staff of the cumbersome, day-to-day management of administrative human resource tasks, such as managing your employee files, unemployment claims, and employee handbooks, to name a few.

In addition, Execustaff HR has a staff of experienced Human Resources professionals available to advise you on a wide variety of employment issues. Keeping up with the ever-changing employment laws can be overwhelming. Issues relating to Family Medical Leave, employee terminations, discrimination, sexual harassment, and worker's compensation can all decrease your productivity and dilute your profitable efforts. Not protecting your business from these issues can have devastating consequences. From preparing offer letters to assisting with employee terminations, and compliance with labor laws, your Human Resources team is ready to listen, discuss and provide solutions to any of your employee-related needs. 

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We are a PEO and HR consulting firm in California that helps improve HR services for small businesses, giving you the ability to offer your employees a competitive and comprehensive HR plan that includes the following...
Human Resource Services:
Human resource - icon
Human Resources Consulting
Payroll reports - icon-1
Human Resources Outsourcing
Training and Education - icon
Management Training and Employee Education
Conflict resolution - icon
Conflict Resolution
Background check - icon
Pre-Employment Reference/Background Checks
Job descriptions - icon
Job Descriptions
Employee Handbook - icon
Customized Employee Handbooks
Labor Law and Compliance - icon
Assistance with Labor Law and Compliance
Unemployment claims - icon
Unemployment Claims Management
Mailing W2s - icon
Processing and mailing W2s to your employees
Employer tax filings - icon
Completion of employer tax payments and filings
Employee portal - icon
Employee access to personal and payroll information
We also provide safety and loss control resources, as well as Workers' Compensation administration and aggressive management of insurance issues.


Why outsource human resources?

PEOs enable businesses to improve productivity, increase profitability, and focus on their core mission. By outsourcing the HR function, companies can streamline payroll, reduce risk, offer competitive benefits to attract top talent, and consult with a trusted HR expert. Companies that outsource HR to a PEO can expect a 27% return on investment based on cost savings alone.  

What HR functions should I outsource?

Businesses can outsource various functions, including human resources, payroll, compliance, and employee benefits. 

What makes Cal-OSHA different from other OSHA regulations?

Since the spread of COVID-19, Cal-OSHA was tasked in November 2020 to provide specific safety protocols and standards for all businesses. Cal-OSHA standards apply to most companies, except those with entirely remote staff and job sites with one sole employee. Standards require employers to have a written COVID-19 prevention program, along with training and instructions for employees to address and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. These standards also mandate testing for employees and adequate recordkeeping and reporting, with details about what to do in the event of multiple COVID-19 infections and outbreaks.

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Workers' Compensation Administration
Check mark
Expert Claims Management
Check mark
Cal-OSHA Compliance Assistance
Check mark
Worksite Safety Inspections
Check mark
Loss Control Assistance
Check mark
Customized Safety Program Creation and Maintenance


"As a small nonprofit founder, I need partners I can trust. Execustaff HR has provided us with flexible and affordable HR and payroll services. More importantly, Execustaff HR is a trusted partner when we need help or have questions. I would recommend Execustaff HR to anyone that is looking for HR and payroll services."
Luis R.
"I've been working with Execustaff HR for about 13 or 14 years now. Words really can't describe how happy I am with Execustaff HR. A company is really just its people, and this group of people, from the bottom to the top, have a truly astonishing level of integrity and compassion. Their level of responsiveness, and their attention to detail, and their level of cheerful support is off the charts. I never expected this from an HR company. When I first started with them I thought I was just price shopping for basic services. At this point, I can't imagine running my business without Execustaff HR."
Greg J.


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