Execustaff HR's HRIS System is sure to bring you peace of mind.

We realize that your employees need access to their personal data, and not just during normal business hours, but late into the night and during weekends. Our custom Employee Self Service application gives employees 24/7 access to their personal information. We also provide a Manager Self Service application that allows managers to access information about their employees.
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We are a PEO and HR consulting firm in California that helps improve HR services for small businesses. Utilize the best our HRIS systems have to offer and help your small business soar.
Background check - icon
Personal data like addresses and phone numbers
Payroll reports - icon
Benefit plan enrollment and details
Payroll schedule - icon
Current and prior pay statements
Administration of time off - icon
Time off history and balance
Employer tax filings - icon
Direct deposit and tax withholding information
Unemployment claims - icon
Benefits and payroll information and forms
Expense reimbursement - icon
Bonus benefits, discounts, and services
Wage Hour Advice
Online benefits enrollment
Unfair Labor Practices
Modify personal information
Employee Handbook - icon
Modify direct deposit and tax withholding information
Conflict resolution - icon
Update 401(k) investment choices and amounts
Mailing W2s - icon
Employee personal data
Background check - icon
Employee emergency contacts
Invoice - icon
Employee benefits summary
Employee time off status
Direct deposit - icon
Company payroll registers
Unemployment claims - icon
Create personalized reports
Expense reimbursement - icon
Print pay statements for their employees
Human resource - icon
Submit new hire information
Wrongful Terminations
Submit termination information
Job descriptions - icon
Submit employee time off and salary change information


What is the difference between using a PEO and purchasing HR software?

While HR software can help businesses manage their teams and administrative workflows using a centralized solution, it won't resolve all HR administrative challenges. In addition to reliable software solutions, you need experts who have the skills and experience to help you effectively manage every aspect of HR. PEOs provide the best of both worlds, giving your business valuable expertise and administrative assistance along with access to a hi-tech human resources information system (HRIS).

What kind of technology does Execustaff HR use?

Execustaff HR offers a self-service human resources information system (HRIS) that allows personnel to access data at any time. Employees can use the employee self-service platform to access 401(k) investments and enroll in online benefits. Meanwhile, managers can complete actions such as creating personalized reports, submitting new hire or termination information, and printing employee pay statements.


"Execustaff HR has been our trusted partner for over a decade - they've provided both exceptional expertise and professional services with a personal touch. Truly, the most valuable service we receive from them is peace of mind - knowing that all the components of payroll and HR are being handled correctly and in compliance with both state and federal law. We view Execustaff HR as an extended part of our team, and we're looking forward to our continuing relationship for years to come."
"I've been working with Execustaff HR for about 13 or 14 years now. Words really can't describe how happy I am with Execustaff HR. A company is really just its people, and this group of people, from the bottom to the top, have a truly astonishing level of integrity and compassion. Their level of responsiveness, and their attention to detail, and their level of cheerful support is off the charts. I never expected this from an HR company. When I first started with them I thought I was just price shopping for basic services. At this point, I can't imagine running my business without Execustaff HR."
Greg J.


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