At Execustaff HR, a real person will answer the phone.

Upon joining Execustaff HR as a client, you will immediately receive a list of the names and numbers of the team of professionals assigned to help your company with all of their needs. Even if these individuals are not immediately available, our team is committed to returning your call within 8 hours and answering your questions within 24 hours. There is always a backup team assigned if a person on your team is out of the office for an extended amount of time. When you call us, you will not have to navigate a complicated and frustrating voicemail system, a real person will answer the phone.
Exceptional Service is what sets us apart from the rest with our HR services. We strive to exceed customer expectations by going beyond what is asked of us and taking a personal interest in the success of your company. 
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We are a PEO in California that helps improve HR for small businesses, giving you the ability to offer your employees a dedicated HR service team and unbeatable PEO services.
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What is a PEO?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a type of outsourced HR solution that provides end-to-end HR services that cover a wide range of needs. What differentiates PEOs from other outsourced HR companies is their ability to maintain scalability and flexibility with complete solutions. This enables businesses to grow and focus on their core mission. 

What does a PEO company do?

PEOs perform several tasks to help companies manage HR. They can:

  • Provide economies of scale so that your company can provide better benefits at more affordable prices
  • Relieve administrative burdens by taking on most administrative HR  tasks
  • Handle workers' comp insurance 
  • Create safer work environments
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance and subsequent fines and penalties
  • Implement a reliable Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that makes it easier to manage all aspects of HR
What should I expect from working with a PEO?

There are multiple benefits of working with a PEO. You'll see increased ROI, Fortune-500 level benefits, low-cost workers' comp insurance, accurate and timely payroll, less time spent on administrative HR tasks, established compliance frameworks, and a vetted HRIS. Ultimately, you'll benefit from a complete solution that covers all of your HR needs and facilitates growth.


"The best praise I can give is that everything just works! Any changes I've had to make have been simple and I've had ample help. The service I'm getting from Execustaff HR gives me peace of mind to focus on growing my business and know that HR/Payroll is handled."
Patrick E.
"Working with Execustaff HR has been a game-changer as our company expands its employee base into the US. With differing benefits and legislation between states, Execustaff HR and the team have really taken much of the leg work out of the nuances of US HR tasks and allowed us to dedicate our resources to other aspects of our business. Jessica, Rick, and Elsie have all made sure that our US employees are well taken care of, they are highly responsive and attentive to our needs and were able to support us through the whole process of setting up and adjusting to our needs as a company. Jessica was able to give us a lot of insight into what we required to support US employees and Rick was amazingly patient with us as we took the time to research the best method to manage our US employees. Rick went above and beyond in his communication and I can honestly say we are very happy with our choice. I would definitely recommend using Execustaff HR to any company unfamiliar with hiring across the US or who would like to use their resources to focus on their product and leave US HR under the experienced management of Execustaff HR."
Elizabeth E.


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